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WFUMB 2009 page is now on Facebook –
Join now so as not to miss out!

The WFUMB 2009 world medical ultrasound congress page is now live on Facebook! You are invited to join so that you can keep in touch with what is happening globally in the ultrasound professional community.

For those of you who already have a Facebook account, just type, ‘WFUMB2009’ in the search box and you will be just one click from being a fan. Since it was live last week, we have many members signed up already.

If you are new to Facebook, you may be interested in joining this free web based service which encourages social professional networking and interaction. Facebook is designed to enable you to share information quickly with other persons regardless of where you live.

If you have an interest in WFUMB 2009, join Facebook and become a fan on the WFUMB 2009 Facebook page. Social networking is becoming an increasingly important career, business and professional tool in the current global situation as it allows people with similar interests and objectives from all around the world connect, communicate and interact with one another.

It only takes a few minutes to join Facebook. Keep an open mind. Log onto www.facebook.com, and register.

Once you have joined Facebook, type “WFUMB2009” in the search box, and the WFUMB page will appear. From there you can read what other fans are writing, view information about the congress, take part in the discussion board topics, post a question, communicate with other speakers, delegates, exhibitors, researchers, ultrasound experts, and many more. This page on Facebook has been set up to:

  1. encourage interaction amongst the people who are attending or presenting at the WFUMB 2009 congress.
  2. encourage interaction amongst people who are interested in ultrasound and the congress and who are unable to attend – you can still join in.
  3. encourage exchange of information which may be of interest to the participants of the congress and the ultrasound professional community.
  4. post questions or start a discussion topic relevant to the WFUMB 2009 congress.
  5. keep you informed about what is happening in the global ultrasound scene.
  6. allow all participants of the WFUMB 2009 congress, including exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, e-poster presenters, members of WFUMB, friends and colleagues, to interact, read, post relevant news and comment on the WFUMB 2009 congress.

ASUM is the host society for the WFUMB 2009 Sydney world medical ultrasound congress from 30 August to 3 September 2009. www.wfumb2009.com.

We are affiliated to the World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine, WFUMB. Information about ASUM can be found on www.asum.com.au Yours sincerely

ASUM President
ASUM Chief Executive Officer
WFUMB 2009 Congress Convenor

The WFUMB 2009 Congress is hosted by the Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine (ASUM)
Congress Website: www.wfumb2009.com 
ASUM Website: www.asum.com.au


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