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Ten great reasons to attend the Cairns Congress.

In each of our e.Newsletters leading into 5th World Congresses of Paediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery (WCPCCS) in Cairns we will profile aspects of TEN critical Multidisciplinary Topics that will become the climax of this very exciting program.

The TEN multidisciplinary focus sessions will occur on the Wednesday and Thursday of the Congress, and will have their genesis in the trainee “master classes” which will provide an educational introduction to the focus sessions.

We will examine the diagnostic, ethical and therapeutic difficulties faced by those caring for the critically ill neonate.

A session on hypoplastic left heart syndrome, will address not only current therapies, but also the impacts of a program for hypoplastic left heart syndrome on a cardiac program. This session will lead into a session that recognises 40 years of the Fontan operation, in which current perspectives on the issues that have challenged us for the past 40 years will be considered.

Clearly, from a global perspective, rheumatic heart disease is responsible for an enormous burden of disease and must be considered within any gathering that considers itself to be “World Congress”. We are excited that the session on rheumatic heart disease will not only be central to the interests of those in the developing world, but also provide a state-of-the-art up-date to those who now encounter this condition only infrequently. This session will be followed by a session on the establishment of services in the developing world. Important leaders in global health for children have been invited to speak at this session which will be of interest to all.

One of the challenges for the clinical cardiologist is to keep up with the rapid developments in basic science related to our specialty. An important session on basic science for the clinician will tell the clinician all he ever wanted to know, but was afraid to ask about recent developments at the benchtop.

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