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e.Newsletter April Edition

chairmans report

This newsletter gives some insight to the scientific content of the two Pre-Congress courses and two Pre-Congress meetings being held in conjunction with the 7th IOC.

Pre-Congress Courses
Of the two Pre-Congress courses on Friday 5th, one will encompass the most up to date information about TAD’s and Micro-Implants in orthodontics. This course is being coordinated by Dr. John Jin-Jong Lin (Taiwan) and led by Professor Jungi Sugawarra (Japan) and Professor Young Cheol Park (Korea) two of the pioneers in the field who will chair a session each along with Professor Hee-Moon Kyung (Korea) and Dr John Jin-Jong Lin (Taiwan). Dr John Cope (USA) will head a Q&A session at the end of the day to tie it all together.

This course represents a unique occasion for delegates to experience a special event in the field of TAD’s for contemporary orthodontics.

The second Pre-Congress course is titled “A Clinician’s Delight – The Aesthetics and Performance of Orthodontic Appliances”.  This course has been designed to be a little different – doing something that will not only be a worthwhile learning experience but also entertaining and fun. We hope this course is just that for the speakers and the delegates, alike.

Pre-Congress Meetings
The two preliminary one-day meetings are supported by two of our major sponsors, Ormco and 3M Unitek, and are an indication of the support the major companies are giving to the 7th IOC.

Ormco has organized for Dr Dwight Damon to present his latest material on achieving greater efficiency through Passive Self Ligation. At this course Dr. Damon will present new scientific results that show how eliminating friction can enable more efficient tooth movement for more consistent and reliable treatment outcomes. He will also unveil the next generation of Damon technology.  This course provides a rare opportunity to see Dr Damon outside the USA and at a considerably reduced cost to registrants.

3M Unitek will focus on the benefit of introducing new technology into your practice to improve efficiencies. Dr Anoop Sondhi will present his analysis of clinical efficiency as it relates to the SmartClip and the new SmartClip SL3 Self Ligating Appliance System. Dr Jason Cope will also draw on his unique PhD background in bone biology in combination with basic biomechanical principles to present an Introduction to Mini-Screw Anchorage using the 3M Unitek Temporary Anchorage Device.

Overall each of these Pre-Congress courses and meetings are in themselves shaping up as ones not to be missed. Delegates will be given information on the latest approaches in orthodontics to improve practice and treatment efficiencies.

On-line submission of Abstracts is NOW OPEN and closes on 30 June 2009.

Dr Ian Watson
Scientific Programme Committee



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