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e.Newsletter June Edition

Delegates have just over two weeks to submit their Abstracts. We have had an encouraging number of early submissions which has been a pleasant surprise as normally there is very little submission activity until the few days before closing, but we would urge you not to miss out.

Electronic abstract poster presentations will also be available as well as the usual poster boards.

E posters provide an opportunity to enhance your poster by allowing it to be a multi screen presentation.

Your E poster is done through PowerPoint which means you can have more than one static screen shot and permits insertion of animations or moving graphics and sound in your presentation.

Delegates whose abstracts are accepted for poster presentation will be able to choose either electronic or standard poster board format.

In addition there are almost eighty oral short lecture presentation slots still available in the main program that will be filled from abstract submissions.

Professor Athanasios E. Athanasiou
WFO President

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7th International Orthodontic Congress.

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