Don't miss out on your opportunity to attend the International Solar Energy Society Conference 2008.

ISES-AP 2008 is the premier Conference on the topic of Renewable Energy. The Asia-Pacific region is pivotal to the further growth of the industry both in terms of manufacture and markets.

The ISES-AP-08 Conference will aim to inform and allow integration of many of the key people and concepts in solar energy in the region, bringing together a wide range of the best international solar and renewable energy researchers, industry personnel and funding bodies, creating an excellent forum for networking and the exchange of ideas and fostering of collaborations


  Professor Martin Green, University of New South Wales Mr Greg Bourne,
WWF Australia
  Professor Ma Shenghong, Chinese Academy of Sciences Professor Phillip Jones,
Cardiff University
  Dr Hubert Fechner,
Arsenal Research
Dr Stephen Schuck,
BioEnergy Australia
  Professor Andeas Athenities, Concordia University Professor Deo Prasad,
Chair of Conference
  Professor David Mills,
Chairman of Ausra
    Senator Christine Milne,
The Australian Greens
  Associate Professor Monica Oliphant,
ISES President
    Mr Artur Zawadski, ANZSES National Chair  
    Professor Surendra Shrestha, UNEP  
  • Photovoltaics
  • Solar thermal sustainable buildings and design
  • Financial risks and opportunities in the renewable energy sector
  • Grid connection and integration
  • Emerging renewable energies
  • Wind
  • Biomass
  • Energy efficiency
  • Developing countries
  • Policy issues including local government initiatives

For further information regarding Sponsorship please contact:

Julien Lacave
Projects Manager, Australia & New Zealand Solar Energy Society, Australian Section of International Solar Energy Society


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