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When you live, work and breath in the world we do today you simply cannot ignore your Corporate Social Responsibility or Carbon Footprint. To take it one step further you cannot ignore your own personal responsibility to our global future.

Over the past decade, Darren Edwards, Founder of Invisage Creative Services, has developed his own business strategy based on a desire to make environmental considerations central to the way he does business both personally and professionally.

Invisage Creative Services’ own green initiatives features 100% solar powered offices, 100% recycling of all printed communication and a comprehensive exhibit recycling program to name a few.

“While this made us feel all warm and fuzzy it came to the point when it was not enough for us to be 'going green', it became our vision to assist others in doing the same,” stated Edwards.

For those that have worked with Darren, you will know that this is not ‘marketing talk’, it is yet another sound sustainable initiative from Invisage Creative Services to maximise ‘the greening opportunities’ within our industry.

That is when the idea of ‘Greening our Services’ was borne.

Darren undertook close analysis of all services provided to his clients to develop a clear understanding of how these services could be offered with a greener perspective both for Invisage, his clients and end users.

“What we found was that many of our existing services could still be provided to our clients albeit with a greener approach. This was exciting news as all we then had to do was to alter the vehicle we were using to deliver these products and services,” stated Edwards.

Through months of extensive research on available global technologies and through countless hours of testing, Invisage has now introduced key sustainable programs which include:

Event Apps: Greener Events - www.eventapps.com.au
Whether you are just initiating a green program or you are looking to take your organisation to an even greener level, Invisage make it easy for you to play your part in greener meetings while enhancing your attendees’ experience and generating additional revenue for your organisation. Typical meetings require a wide range of printed materials including paper programs, exhibitor directories and session handouts. Invisage makes it possible for you to save time and money by having that information mobilised on each of the attendees’ hand-held devices significantly decreasing the amount of printed materials necessary and minimising the negative impact on the environment.

“Not only is having a green meeting more environmentally responsible, it just makes good business sense,” stated Edwards.  Meeting participants are becoming more selective about which meetings they attend and eco-friendly meetings play a part in those decisions.  Invisage offers your organisation a competitive edge when attracting attendees to your event. Over the last few years there has been significant growth in the use of technology to support and make meetings more sustainable.  As this trend shows the sustainable meeting industry is in motion and will play a crucial role in the future of the meetings industry.

Event Social: Greener Networkingwww.eventsocial.com.au
Provides a vehicle for hosting and moderating your own online social network which is branded exclusively for your event, industry, association or organisation. In as little as a week Invisage will create your exclusive online network where members can login using their existing Twitter and Facebook accounts (or create their own ID’s) to have access to and share information with colleagues and professionals within your industry.

Event Social not only provides the avenue to adopt ‘a green events’ mentality, it also assists the event organiser in better understanding the needs of their audience and to participate in the conversations; creating a unique event experience.

Event Campaign: Greener Communication - www.eventcampaign.com.au
From single one-off emails to comprehensive e-marketing campaigns Invisage are well known in the events industry for designing and delivering communication solutions that compliment your event brand and compel your participants to respond.

Done correctly, says Edwards, e-mail marketing can not only be breathtakingly affordable but also extremely effective. Depending on how you plan to measure (by opened messages, click-throughs or conversion rates) and your targets (whether new, existing or best customers), e-mail marketing can yield response rates that range from a positive 5% to a heady 50%.

Compared to direct mail, the costs involved are significantly lower, as is the cost to the planet. But this is not just a green alternative; it's a powerful form of communication that makes sense on every level.

Display Trader: Greener Exhibits - www.displaytrader.com.au
Providing a sustainable ‘store-front’ solution for purchasing new, and recycling of used, exhibits by providing a portal connecting buyers and sellers of new and used displays, trade show exhibits, retail displays, merchandising equipment, products, services and suppliers.

Display Trader not only provides the avenue to adopt ‘a green events’ mentality, it also assists smaller companies to lift the profile of their next trade-show presence by purchasing high quality display equipment at a fraction of the cost. In turn, this will increase the professionalism of future exhibitions and events nationwide.

100% Solar Powered Offices
Invisage have recently installed a roof mounted solar system which provides 100% free and renewable power to run the entire office. "Being 100% self-sufficient is an exciting feeling and leaves us with a great deal of pride in our ability to be sustainable and to offer sustainable solutions to our clients," says Edwards.

Saving our Native Wildlife
Reinforcing their own sustainable business practices, the team at Invisage Creative Services show a real passion in caring for their environment. Invisage recently pledged to support WIRES; Australia's largest wildlife rescue charity dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of Australian wildlife. "Our target is to raise $10,000 to help save our injured wildlife. We want to inspire others to do the same so that our wildlife if here for future generations to enjoy," says Edwards.

In addition, they have also planted 12,000 native trees bordering the Lerderderg National Park – west of Melbourne – as a testament to the company’s goal of saving our environment.

Our greatest challenge now is getting message throughout the industry that there are options to help save the impact on our environment. Darren Edwards says the goal is to encourage exhibition organisers, expo hire companies, convention centres and associated venues to include the benefits of ‘Greening Events’ in their show and exhibitor manuals to help spread the word.

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Distributed: Wednesday 05 May 2011


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