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Invisage Creative Services MEDIA RELEASE: 1 JUNE 2011, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Event Social - http://www.eventsocial.com.au/


Are you on Facebook, being followed on Twitter, featured on YouTube, connected on LinkedIn, raved about through Google Buzz, been Stumbled Upon, located on Digg, highlighted on BrightKite, Feeding your News or have your own Blogg? Or have you simply given up in despair?

If only you could have your own social network where you could bring your audience to you and create an environment that is targeted to your industry. Imagine a place where delegates, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors can network online, get to know each other socially, openly discuss industry topics and build excitement around your event.

Imagine being able to grow your event following by sharing, listening and building your event; tailored to your audiences and their industry’s needs.

It is no longer a dream, it is a reality, and it’s the latest in collaborative event technology now available in Australia through Melbourne based Invisage Creative Services.

Over the past two years, Darren Edwards, Founder of Invisage has witnessed his friends, clients and colleagues struggle to embrace and understand how to best utilise social networking for their business and events.

“With all of the platforms available to connect with your audience which ones do you turn to, how do you best utilise them, where is your audience networking? Do you engage in all networks or simply throw your arms in the air not knowing where or how to get started”, Edwards said.

Darren has spent the past two years researching social networking to better understand the platforms available for his clients businesses. “We researched all of the well-known sites as well as independent collaborative networking sites in the UK, America and China in order to understand the key differences and benefits of each platform,” Darren added.

“What we found was that while many existing networks contained members from a broad range of industries they often offered a limited approach to creating individual groups or sub-networks within the network. Due to the freedom of access to the networks and groups these networks also provided the opportunity for spammers to infiltrate groups which often resulted in members losing faith and leaving the groups” stated Edwards. What we needed to create was a tailored approach with higher levels of security and moderation control.

That is when the idea of ‘Event Social’ was borne.

Event Social – www.eventsocial.com.au – provides a vehicle for hosting and moderating your own online social network which is branded exclusively for your event, industry, association or organisation. In as little as a week Invisage will create your exclusive online network where members can login using their existing Twitter and Facebook accounts (or create their own ID’s) to have access to and share information with colleagues and professionals within your industry.

Event Social not only provides the avenue to adopt ‘a green events’ mentality, it also assists the event organiser in better understanding the needs of their audience and to participate in the conversations; creating a unique event experience.

“Our greatest challenge now is getting the message throughout the industry that there are avenues available that allow you to build a social destination and create an industry specific community. Check out our live industry site at www.eventfamil.com.au”, said Edwards.

Darren Edwards says that their goal is to provide tools that allow event organisers and associations to foster conversations, drive action and build attendee numbers. There are simply too many benefits to list and some you may not have even considered. Embracing Social Media helps extend brand reach by getting in touch with the most influential first movers on the web.

For further information to support this article, please visit www.eventsocial.com.au or contact:

Event Social - http://www.eventsocial.com.au/

Darren Edwards,
Founder and Manager,
Invisage Creative Services
PO Box 259, Bacchus Marsh, Victoria 3340

M: 0408 006430 | E: info@invsage.net | www.invisage.net

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