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Post your news on Event Famil and keep our industry informed.

Event Famil provides an online forum for its members to get to know each other socially and to discuss current news, views, issues and trends representing all aspects of the event industry.

You are invited to participate in online discussions, start a blog, post your recent news articles or provide links to industry related topics. Why not link an rss news feed to your personal profile or tell us how you started in the Event Industry?

Just a reminder, this is a social forum for Event Industry professionals. That means you can use this forum to talk about industry topics, but NOT to post a commercial about your company or for the purpose of company promotion. Sounds challenging we know but it is all in keeping with the spirit of your social network.

You can view our guidelines here.

Please help us top grow by inviting your co-workers, clients & friends to join. Get the message out there and get to know your industry peers. Click here to join or invite a friend.

Of course if you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We're looking forward to networking with you.

The Team at EventFamil

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