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Mobile Event Apps - Questions Answered

Over the past few months we have had a lot of conversations with clients in relation to our native Event Apps® and the development and approval requirements. Event Apps are a powerful tool for the Australian Events Industry and given the volume of features in our Event Apps we can understand there is bound to be a few questions.

The purpose of this communication is to answer a few key questions that are often asked. If you have a specific question that is not answered here or you require further clarification please feel free to email me.

Q. Does every update to a native app require app store approval?

A. Our native Event Apps only require app store approval in the first instance and this can take from 2-4 weeks. Once the app has been launched all updates are then managed through our online CMS with updates appearing instantly within the app. These updates do not require subsequent app store approval.

Q. Do you charge extra for every feature in your apps?

A. Our native mobile Event Apps are full featured, provided on all platforms, with all-inclusive packages. We do not charge extra for each phone platform or standard feature. View all features at http://eventapps.com.au/fm-features.php

Q. Who really benefits from your Event Apps?

A. Our native apps are well featured and offer sponsors, exhibitors and attendees exposure and networking opportunities well before, during and after the event. In addition to this the Event Organiser also benefits from the revenue generation options available.

Q. Do your Event Apps require constant internet connection?

A. As our apps are native all of the critical data such as sessions, scheduling, speakers, exhibitors, floor plans etc are downloaded to the device and as are able to be viewed without internet connection. What this means is that internet connection is only required for updates and alerts. This is a vital point when comparing to web or html5 apps which require internet connection for display of most data. As native apps don't rely on internet connection they are not limited by the speed or congestion of the venues internet access which can be crucial for large events.

Q. Are Event Apps new to our industry and should I expect a lot of teething problems.

A. Our native mobile Event Apps have been used internationally since 2009 and are certainly not test cases for our industry. To date we have developed in excess of 300 Event Apps which are currently being used by some of the top 100 trade shows in the world. The reason for this is that trade shows of this scale require a native app. As we are committed to ongoing development any new features will always require beta testing but our Event Apps are extremely well featured and stable.

Q. Do we have to develop an app for every mobile platform?

A. Our Event App software has been developed in such a way that we are able to automatically produce Event Apps for ios, Android, Blackberry and web enabled smart phones. The great news is there is no extra charge for this.

Q. If we use a native Event App how do we access content updates?

A. All updates to our apps are made via an import system or online CMS. Our Event Apps automatically scan for updates during use ensuring that all changes made are live instantly within the app. It is important to note that content updates for web apps require internet connection in exactly the same way as native apps do. Native apps and web apps will update in real-time as long as a connection is available.

Q. How long does developing a native Event App take?

A. Initial development of your Event App generally takes around 1 week from receipt of your data and graphics. The app store approval process can take up to 4 weeks in the first instance. Once the app has been launched all updates are managed through our online CMS with updates appearing instantly within the app.

Q. Can we test any of your apps?

A. Yes of course, best way to do this is to search for Invisage or core-apps in the ios App Store and download an app to your device.

Q. Is Event Apps a registered trademark

A. Yes it is. We registered the trademark Event Apps on 26 June 2011 in order to demonstrate our commitment to our clients and our industry through the development of world leading mobile Event Apps. This trademark will also beneit our clients through them being able to easily recognise our brand and quality of products and service. Our Event Apps are continually being redeveloped to facilitate the needs of all stakeholders. If you have a great suggestion or feedback of any nature please don't be afraid to let us know.

Our Event Apps contain a host of features and benefits for all stakeholders at any event. The questions we have responded to above are some of the more frequently asked ones. If you have a specific question that is not answered here or you require further clarification please feel free to email me.

For more information or demonstration of this exciting mobile communication product, visit www.eventapps.com.au or contact me at:

Darren Edwards,
Invisage Creative Services
PO Box 259 Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, Australia 3340
T: +61 3 5367 6672 | E: info@invisage.net | www.invisage.net

Invisage Creative Services has been providing creative and technology services to the meetings and business events industry since 1993. Event App™ and Event Apps® are Trademarks of Invisage Creative Services

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