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How to get your next mobile Event App gratis

We all know the phrase, 'nothing in life is free except for the air we breathe'. Well unfortunately this is mostly true for all of us.

So why mention this in relation to mobile Event Apps?

There are a lot of points to consider when selecting a mobile Event App developer. Some of the key points we have addressed in a recent post on 'Choosing the Right Mobile Event Apps for your Event', located here http://ping.fm/S4NbX

I want to show you a few simple things you should be looking for in an Event App that will help you reduce or even eliminate development costs. Hey, with a bit of creative thinking you could even increase revenue for your event. Wouldn't that be a welcome change?

Sponsorship Opportunities
Check with your app developer to ensure that your app provides opportunities to promote various levels of sponsorship. Sponsorship should be available in a variety of levels from Gold, Silver etc. (call them what you will). You could even sell session, speaker and alert sponsorship.

Banner Advertising
Check with your app developer to ensure that your app provides opportunities to offer various levels of advertising to sponsors, exhibitors or other event vendors. Banner ads, Full screen ads, Alert based ads. You could even sell advertising to local restaurants, transportation companies, golf courses, theatres and other local area attractions and activities.

Enhanced Exhibitor Profiles
Sell enhanced listing or include them free and increase the overall booth fee. Sell banner ads, alerts, sponsorship, lead generation, QR code builders and connection schedulers. Also offer exhibitors the ability to include handouts and video in their profiles.

Revenue share
Another option to further reduce your development costs is to ask your developer if they would be interested in a revenue share model where you both share the upfront development cost which reduces your initial outlay. In turn you would then share any revenue generated through sponsorship or advertising sales with the developer as a reward for the risk.

If you think creatively I am certain you will come up with many new and innovative ways to increase event revenue through a mobile event app. As development of Event Apps continues there will also be new opportunities available for all stakeholders to benefit.

Should you choose to implement one or all of the strategies, done properly, an Event App should never be a cost to your event. Event Apps represent an opportunity for you and your attendees to improve communication, collaboration and networking, increase exposure for all stakeholders, extend the life of your event and provide a new stream of revenue.

They are a fantastic tool, if I don't say so myself.

Witten by Darren Edwards - Invisage

In case you missed our last article on Mobile Event Apps - Questions Answered I have included the link again here http://newsletters.invisage.net/invisage/eventapp-myths10.html

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