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Welcome to our monthly newsletter, filled with some very cool EventTech™, an overview of our products and services and useful tips that will assist in the planning and management of your events.

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Who said email marketing would be dead soon? Replaced by social media? Not happening! In the marketing mix for events, conferences, exhibitions and associations, email marketing and e-newsletters still play a vital role. Why is that?

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Products and Services Guide

Our Products and Services guide provides an overview of our Design and EvenTech™ products and services. Grab your copy today.




Engage your attendees with real time audience response right in our Event Apps®. Create custom questions for every session and track responses in real time, displaying results on your session screens. Engage your audience by providing them with the tools to ask questions of your speakers, right in the app.



Empower your speakers by providing them with direct access to their own speaker portal. Speakers can manage their own Event App content, leaving you to manage your event. We also build hosted submission portals so that speakers, exhibitors and sponsors can upload event content for collaboration and access to proceedings.


Exhibition Apps

FollowMe™ Event App For larger events, FollowMe picks up where EventLink leaves off. Your exhibitors and attendees alike will be thrilled with our interactive trade show floor map which allows users to tap any booth space to see exhibitor details.

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Conference Apps

EventLink™ is the app for smaller conferences and trade shows that packs a big punch. Just because your event is smaller doesn't mean your app can't be big! With linked information on speakers and sessions, your attendees will love building an in-app schedule, taking notes, and rating their experience.

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Association Apps

Even when you don't have an upcoming event scheduled, you still want to keep in touch with your membership. MemberDirect reaches out to your membership all the time, and gives you a place to share news, your organization's calendar, blog posts by authors selected by you, and special information for members only.

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Take advantage of native event app features without the app store approval process. Release your mobile event app today! Event Express™ is a native event app shell with all the features and functionality found in our EventLink™ Premium edition.

Tech Tip
Why have a mobile Event App?
It is not hard to have a successful mobile app. All you need are three (3) things:
Tech Tip
The holy grail – a year round mobile app!!
You work so hard building an audience for your mobile app. Benefit year-round.
Tech Tip
Engage your Audience – Turn on your mobile Device
One has to be extremely careful while riding this tech wave not to get caught...
Tech Tip
Pre Event Marketing and Engagement Tools
More complicated than they seem? Let’s break down them down for you.
Tech Tip
HTML5 v’s Native Event Apps
HTML5 is not yet a mature enough set of web standards to fully deliver.
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