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Beat the rate rise.

The Reserve bank and home loan providers will undoubtedly be looking to increase interest rates in February 2010 – the forth rate rise since October 2009. You can beat the rate rise by

  • Knowing your current interest rate
  • Be prepared to negotiate with your existing home loan provider – let them know you are shopping around
  • Contact a qualified mortgage broker and ask them for a complete home loan health check
You may find you could save up to 0.25 – 0.50% in your interest rate and you will have beaten the latest interest rate increase. Tell us your thoughts on banks increasing interest rates.

Member questions asked online?


I had a pre approved loan for 100% on a property 6 months ago but my broker tells me the loan is no longer available , is this true and what is the maximum i could borrow now...
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Is there any way I can search for loans by affordability percentage? (repayments as a % of income). If not, do you know of any with a high percentage? I currently save over half of my income, and it seems unfair this isn't taken into account with the big banks...
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We are about to have our 2nd child and need a bigger house - my wont be going back to work. We have about 100k equity in our home and my income is $78,000 - what is the maximum we can borrow - we have no other debts, thanks
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The holiday season is over, check your home loan and credit card statement and ask for a home loan health check.