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Engineering Leadership Conference | 30 May - 2 June 2012 | Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, Australia

2012 Engineering Leadership Conference
Delegate Newsletter No. 3

Welcome to ELC 2012.  Conference planning is virtually complete.  With over 450 delegates registered, ELC 2012 presents a substantial opportunity to interact with engineering leaders and young engineers from around the country.  While you have separately received a variety of email communications about the conference, including registration confirmation, I would like to take this brief opportunity to announce several important initiatives at ELC 2012 which are designed to enhance your delegate experience.

I trust you are as excited as I am that this event is almost upon us and I look forward to catching up with many of you at the conference later this week.

John Olson
Chair, ELC 2012 Organising Committee

Speaker Presentation Videos can be pre-ordered by Delegates

We are pleased to announce that, as was the case at ELC 2010, all conference keynote speaker and concurrent session presentations will be recorded by professional video production company MediaVisionz and made available for access both online and on hard copy DVDROM disks.

The end products will be similar to what is already being provided by MediaVisionz for various Engineers Australia technical presentations.  You can see examples at http://www.engineersaustralia.org.au/webcasts/mediavisionz where if you enter in CELM in the committee field and search you will see previous leadership presentations.

The adjacent image is a sample of the split screen presentation, where both the speaker (and any associated videos) are shown in one window while the speaker’s presentation slides are depicted in the other.

This collection of ELC 2012 presentations will provide a great opportunity to create your own library of engineering leadership training videos.

To promote their involvement in the conference, MediaVisionz are offering an early bird special for delegates wishing to pre-order the ELC 2012 video collection and pay just over half the normal price.  At $176 (incl GST) it is a not to be missed offer for anyone wanting access to the full 30 hours of engineering leadership presentations on DVDROM.

To receive your DVDROM sets at the early bird rate, please order by close of business on Wednesday 30th May using the special pre-order form included in this email.  Just download the PDF then print, complete and fax back the form to MediaVisionz.

Orders will also be taken during and after the conference, but sorry, no early-bird discount will apply.

Online access to the sessions will be available via login details which will be emailed out from Wednesday 6th June.  DVDROM sets will be mailed out on Friday 8th June.

ELC 2012 App for PDAs and iPad

We are moving into the digital age, with much less paper and more electronic distribution of documentation at ELC 2012.  Saving the trees at last!  If you haven’t received an email in recent weeks advising of the PDA, iPad and webpage application which will be used to deliver almost all delegate communications for ELC 2012, details are repeated below.  Note that we will still be supplying a pocket program for traditional users more comfortable with a printed format and a USB for accessing information via the conference internet kiosk, but abstracts, full papers, posters, speaker presentations and sponsor information will all be made available via the ELC 2012 App.  Try it out – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

For iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad:  From your phone go to the iTunes App Store and search for ELC2012 and then download the app as you would any other mobile app.

For all other phone types (including Blackberry, Droid and all other smartphones):  From your phone, point your mobile browser to http://m.core-apps.com/invisage-elc12 (the system will determine your phone type for proper download for your device), then bookmark this page on your phone for easy future access.

Access to this application has been restricted to authorised users only. Please use the following credentials to access the app once downloaded.



Scan to download

Delegate Surveys and Feedback

We are looking forward to an increased level of dynamic delegate feedback during ELC 2012, mostly using the ELC 2012 App.  Among initiatives we hope will engage you are:

Grand Challenges Survey

The final plenary session of the conference will feature a panel review of how engineering leadership can promote dealing with the most important engineering challenges of our time.  A link in the ELC 2012 App has been provided to take you to an on-line survey that asks you to rank the top three challenges from an Australian perspective, based upon 14 Grand Challenges for Engineering proposed by the National Academy of Engineering in the USA.  Please fill out the survey – your input will determine the topics discussed at the final plenary session.

Most Popular Presentation and Most Popular Poster

We greatly appreciate the contribution made by all of our concurrent session presenters and poster presenters to the success of ELC 2012.  We would like you to rate each of the presenters using two on-line surveys available through the App.  You will be able to re-visit the surveys multiple times throughout the conference to vote on the presentations and posters which you have seen.  Unlike previous conferences, when the most popular presentation and poster is only known well after the event, we will be able to use our on-line system to determine our most popular presenter and poster in time for an announcement at the closing ceremony.  Please take the time to fill out both surveys during the course of the conference.

Detailed Feedback on All Sessions

The ELC 2012 App will also provide an opportunity to provide detailed feedback on all plenary sessions, concurrent sessions, poster presentations, workshops, technical tours and social events through “Rate Session” buttons in the App.  These buttons will become active after each activity, and are an opportunity for the Organising Committee to receive, summarise and pass on detailed feedback from delegates after the event.  This information takes a few weeks to be collated by App stores, which is why it is not being used for the most popular presentation and most popular poster awards.  However, it is a great medium to enable us to learn from the conference and continuously improve these major events in the future.  Please contribute as often as you can under the rate session options, with both positive and negative feedback equally valued.



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