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A visit to www.chemeca2010.com reveals there are ten major sub-themes that span the fields of industrial chemistry, chemical technology , chemical & process engineering and materials engineering as broadly defined - contributions from across these sub-themes are encouraged and welcome.

The Chemeca 2010 website also shows that we already have an extraordinary list of plenary and keynote speakers from across the globe that will be added to over the next few months to ensure key areas and topics are given sufficient impetus.

We would like to encourage contributions from industry, government and research organisations in addition to those from academia. Potential contributors may wish to note that if you do not wish to contribute a full paper, we are this year accepting two-page extended abstracts as an alternative. Both full papers and the extended abstracts will be subject to a reviewing process.

Whilst all contributions will be given equal consideration, we would particularly like to encourage contributions from the fields of:

  • Sustainable engineering, including more sustainable fossil-fuel technologies (e.g. Carbon Capture and Storage) as well as alternative non-renewable (e.g. nuclear) and renewable energies (e.g. solar; geothermal) and associated infrastructure (e.g. energy storage), and Green Chemistry.
  • Bioprocess and pharmaceutical engineering, ranging from biofuel production through to biopharmaceutical production, tissue engineering and controlled drug delivery.
  • Nano and bionanotechnology, including nanomaterials, nanofluids and various assembly methods (e.g. self-assembly; positional assembly).
  • Microfluidics, including their use in bio-related applications, nanomaterials production and process intensification, and their design (from components to systems) and manufacture.
  • Safety, ranging all the way from human factors to technology around detecting and isolating faults.
  • Industrial best practice and innovation, including examples of innovation in the industrial context and IP management.
  • Education, including novel curricula developments and development tools through to novel delivery methods and educational technology.

The Organizing Committee would also welcome suggestions from the community for possible sessions – please contact the Chair of the Technical Committee via email.

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