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Chemeca 2009 Proceedings

This CD-ROM contains the full texts of invited Plenary and Keynote Speakers as well as Conference Papers accepted for presentation and discussion at Chemeca 2009, September 27 to 30, 2009 at Burswood Entertainment Complex, Perth, Western Australia. All Conference Papers have been fully peer-reviewed by appropriately qualified independent referees from Australia and overseas. Of particular note is that we received over 250 qualified people volunteered themselves to assist with the peer review process. The Organising and Technical Program Committees (listed below) extend their special thanks to all those who assisted us to review the papers within the tight time frame.

ISBN: 978-0858259225
Published by: Engineers Australia, 2009

Organising Committee

Thys Heyns - Conference Chair
Ming Ang
Claire Butler
Peter Hay
Roger Kelson
Jon Langford
Y-K Leong
Peter McEwen
David Montgomery
Peter Snowsill
Moses Tade

CHEMECA 2009 Technical Committee Members

Prof Moses Tade - Technical Program Committee Chair
Prof Ming Ang
Assoc Prof Hongwei Wu
Assoc Prof Jie Bao
Assoc Prof Xia Lou
Dr Iztok Livk
Dr Matt Hardin
Dr Nicoleta Maynard
Dr Shaobin Wang


Dr Vladimir Strezov
Dr Y.K. Leong
Mr Jeff Mayne
Mr Peter McEwen
Prof Clive Davies
Prof John Zhu
Prof Julian Gale
Prof Mark Trebble
Prof S. Vigneswaran
Assoc Prof Vishnu Pareek


ISBN: 978-0858259225
Published by: Engineers Australia, 2009

  • Welcome Conference Convenor
  • Invited Speakers
  • Acknowledgements and Committee
  • List Peer Reviewed Papers

All Full Refereed papers have been fully peered reviewed by appropriately qualified independent referees from Australia and overseas.

All Fast Track papers and papers by plenary and keynote speakers were reviewed to ensure suitability for the Conference.

All Full Refereed papers are indicated with an * in the program timetable and in the author index.

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  1. Bioprocessing and nanotechnology
  2. Environmental science and technology
  3. Fuels and energy
  4. Oil and gas
  5. Mineral processing and particle technology
  6. Modelling, simulations and control
  7. Industrial best practice and innovation
  8. Education, community and people



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