Know your interest rate.

Recent surveys suggests that 70% of borrowers are unaware of the interest rate they are paying on their loans.

As a borrower it is very important to know your home loan.

  • What flexibility do you have?
  • What features are available?
  • Do I really need and use all the features available?
  • What is my interest rate?

By knowing the intimate details of your most important financial purchase you can save thousand of dollars.

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i earn 65,000 and my wife earns 49,000 - she is going back to work before christmas after having our 2nd child - what is the maximum we can borrow..
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i am a first home buyers and have saved 10,000 - my income is 77,000 and i am looking at a buying somehting for around $300,000 - can i get a loan...
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I dont understand mortgage off-set accounts. I dont have a great deal in my main account but can it help?? Thanks
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