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Thinking of investing in New South Wales?

Dear Delegate

On behalf of the New South Wales (NSW) Government I am pleased that you will be visiting Sydney next week for the 5th Civil Engineering Conference in the Asia Region and the Australian Structural Engineering Conference 2010.

In these challenging times, the State of New South Wales remains an attractive location to build your Business in the Asia Pacific. Our stable political environment, resilient economy and relaxed lifestyle makes Sydney the ideal choice for those planning long term success.

NSW has Australia’s largest and most diverse State economy and its highly skilled workforce produces about 32 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product. Big business chooses to be based in NSW, with 48 % of the top 500 companies by revenue in Australia based here. NSW is the leading Australian state for business investment ($53 billion in 2009) and more than a third of all  of Australian  businesses choose to be in NSW,

Sydney, the capital of the State of New South Wales (NSW) has a dynamic business environment, positioning the city as the financial hub of Australia and a leading financial centre in the Asia Pacific.  An innovative manufacturing and industrial base is combined with talented civil and structural engineering skills to apply the latest technology to designing and building the country’s infrastructure.

The first step when considering investing in Sydney or elsewhere in the State is to contact Industry and Investment NSW (IINSW). IINSW is the State Government’s business development arm and we work with business to strengthen the State’s global competitiveness, promote investment and job creation and build business capability.

We can provide information about the regulations and procedures involved in starting a business, possible locations, hiring staff, assistance with marketing information, planning approvals, provide advocacy within Government and a wide range of business contacts.

During your time in Sydney, representatives of the department will be pleased to meet with you to discuss investment opportunities available in NSW. We can arrange meetings, site visits, networking – whatever assists your business goals. You can present your plans in person and discuss the best way to proceed.

If you are considering investing in NSW, please send an outline of your plans to Warren Bartlett at warren.bartlett@business.nsw.gov.au

Have a greet Conference,

Warwick Glenn
Executive Director, Investment Attraction
Industry and Investment NSW







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