Passport and Visa

Under Australia's universal visa system, all visitors to Australia must have a valid visa and passport to travel to and enter Australia (other than New Zealand and Norfolk Island passport holders, who will normally be issued a visa on arrival in Australia unless there are character or health concerns).

A facility for electronically issuing visas, The Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) system, is currently available through international travel agents and airlines in over 30 countries including the US, UK, parts of Western Europe, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. This system also includes pre-clearance for entry which reduces the time needed to process passengers on arrival. Your local Australian Embassy or Consulate can advise of the availability. For non-ETA countries, visas are issued from Australian Embassies and Consulates around the world. In non-ETA countries, we recommend that you apply early for your visa.

For further information, please visit: www.immi.gov.au or click here.

There are many visa options available to people wishing to visit Australia. The appropriate visa option will depend, amongst other things, on the person's purpose for visiting Australia.

For background information in relation to visas for people to come to Australia for a business-related visit, please click here.

For information on how Mongolian passport holders can apply for visas. Please see the following link which is particularly designed to assist Mongolian citizens to apply for a visa at the Australian Embassy in Beijing, China: Click here


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download prospectus


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